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Golden Temple
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Historical Places in Amritsar

There are many historical places in Amritsar for the interest of tourists. It is an important city in the History of Sikh religion.

Golden Temple also called Darbar Sahib, Hari Mandir or Harmandir is a pilgrimage for Sikh community. The Gurudwara is constructed in white marble and is adorned with gilded copper and gold inlay work. The history of Gurudwara is really interesting. Golden Temple had to face threats many times. A lot of times it was plundered but it still stands as an architectural marvel instilling confidence and religiosity in the worshippers.

Pul Kanjari is located in proximity to the villages of Daoka and Dhanoa Kalan. Maharaja Ranjit Singh built Pul Kanjari for his rest and leisure. The fortress consists of a baoli (a bathing pool), a temple, a Gurudwara and a mosque.

Jallianwala Bagh is a historical landmark located in the heart of the city Amritsar. People visit this place in the memory of the people who died in an open firing by General Dyer on April13, 1919. There is a deep well in the park where many innocent people jumped in while running from the bullets.

Summer place of Maharaja Ranjit Singh is situated in the heart of the garden called Ram Bagh. This garden bears a similar pattern of Shalimar Bagh at Lahore. There is a museum named after Maharaja Ranjit Singh exhibiting displays miniatures, coins, weapons and an imitation of most famous diamond Kohinoor.

Historical Places in Amritsar
¤ Jallianwala Bagh ¤ Ram Bagh

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