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Baba Atal

Baba Atal Ji was the son of Guru Hargobind Ji and Mata Nanaki Ji. He was born at Amritsar on 23 October 1619. In Gurbilas Cheevin Patshahi, the story of his extraordinary death is mentioned. He died when he was nine years old. The story goes like this:

Atal Rai had a friend by the name of Mohan. One day while playing till late evening Atal Rai won. Both the friends mutually agreed that Mohan would take the turn the next day. At night Mohan was stung by a snake and died on the spot. Atal Rai Ji went to see him at his home. He saw his family members wailing and crying badly. Baba Atal Ji went near his friend's body and touched his body with a stick saying: get up Mohan. It is not the time for a sleep…. Why are you sleeping soundly? You owe us forfeit." Mohan stood up. The news spread like fire. Guru Hargobind Ji became annoyed. He told Atal Rai Ji to not to go against God's providence.

Atal Rai Ji felt guilty and went to take plunge in the holy water. After reciting Jaap Sahib, he went to his eternal repose on 13 September 1628.

Gurudwara Baba Atal is known for the Langar that is served throughout the day. It is said "Baba Atal Pakki Pakkaiyan Ghal", means Baba Atal sends cooked food.

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